Property Brokerage

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RESC employs all avenues to prevent voids in client properties. These include all available mediums that create an efficient marketing concept for our client.

RESC has access to a pool of independent property brokers who are coordinated to assist in meeting our targets, whether sale or rental. Our brokerage dynamics are as follows:

- Increase the appeal of the property via our strategic marketing concepts to attract buyers or tenants.
- Assist in formulating an overall leasing strategy which addresses, amongst others, marketing the property, advice on tenant, tenant size requirements, determine rental and selling value i.e. rate per square meter etc.
- Assist in formulating a marketing strategy and budget to target prospective tenants, including communication strategies;
- Source suitable buyers and tenants who meet the requirements of the leasing/sale strategy
- Scrutinize the purchase and lease documentation prepared by the Attorneys and advise of material risks.

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